Property Tax Analytics obtains favorable property tax outcomes for our clients either through settlement negotiations or by adjudication – property tax appeals is our consulting firm’s niche. The responsibility falls on the taxpayer to challenge tax assessments that do not accurately reflect the property’s real market. Property Tax Analytics will partner with you to maximize property performance. We navigate the complexities of Washington’s property tax valuation landscape to achieve property tax savings for our clients.

In addition to relationships with counties, Property Tax Analytics has built a network of real estate professionals, including MAI appraisers, to assist us with our cases on an as-needed basis and provide clients the very best in representation.

At Property Tax Analytics, most of our engagements are based upon a contingency fee. No savings, no fees. Consider taking advantage of our experience and excellent success rate without the burden and risk of upfront costs.


Typically, our fee structures are contingent based on a percentage of any successful reduction in tax liability. Our demonstrated track record for achieving "fair share" tax reductions allows us to offer this fee structure with confidence, while our clients gain access to tax saving opportunities at low risk.

Additionally, all fees can be tailored to meet individual needs; hourly rates and flat fees are available for consultation or property tax analysis and strategy. There is no cost or obligation for an initial consultation.

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